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Facebook’s latest algorithm change?

If you’re wondering how Facebook has changed its algorithm recently and what that means for your page it can basically be summed up as quality vs. quantity.

According to Digiday, the winners will be:


In-depth content
The websites that post high-impact, original stories, and ones with longer analysis that hold readers’ attention

Interactive content
Since time spent on the page will be a crucial factor

Publishers will do better if they mix up their Facebook posts with a variety of content forms


Clickbait and switch
It’s no surprise that high-frequency, low-quality posters will continue to get dinged.

The over-poster that under-delivers
One big change to how stories appear on Facebook will limit the number of posts from the same publisher going to the same user.

It is certainly be time to rethink some of the old rules about little and often and start to think about how Facebook content can encourage longer visits, higher impact and more original themes and creative.  It is worth keeping an eye on some of Facebook’s own best practice guides for page publishing.

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