Adobe alternatives (and other useful tools for freelancers)

So having gone freelance a few months back, there are already a few apps / services I couldn’t do without.  Some of which I used whilst working in agency but others have become an invaluable tool in running my business.

Anything you’d recommend for comms people as a go-to good value service?

Dropbox – for ease, for size, for price and for familiarity

Harvest – makes timesheet/project management and invoicing an absolute breeze.  Simple to add partners, other service providers, multiple day rates and multiple projects for the same client.  Good UX and great web app.

WordPress – specifically the profile template – a good light template for freelancers or consultants who don’t need a full site

Affinity Designer – because illustrator is to damn expensive and I just don’t use it enough to warrant it

Publisher Lite – as above but for InDesign  – this does the job as well as I need it to

PR Stack – a really useful resource looking at hundreds of tools PR use with input from across the community

Measurement metrics – not an app but a post from Stephen Waddington and friends on alternatives to the lousy AVE that fails to measure anything at all. .

What others should I take a look at?

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