Hockney thoughts

71% awesome and 29% poor. The curation seemed muddled in places and the rooms didn’t always provide the depth required.

Wanted to dive into the fabulous huge canyon canvasses and the gridlines provided the structure that my brain requires to look at things that overwhelming.

I liked the idea of the ipad art but felt it almost cheapened his work.  They seemed like finished articles rather than sketchbooks and the screen size and medium made them seem disposable, almost like stock images in some cases.

One of the rooms was indulgent and full of what seemed to be almost sell out commissions (sermon on the mount).

Lovely random early work and the first part of the video is beautiful. The last part with the dancers made me weep for 15 minutes of my life I will never get back…

From a creative perspective, I LOVED the way that in many cases,  the journey was as interesting as the finished piece. The sketchbooks were so beautiful and I wished I could sit there flicking through them all…..

….would happily go again.

tough times?

The market has changed. Your partners are your competiton. The market is beyond crowded. Hundreds of people could do what you do. It isn’t going to change back but the fear of not getting it right every time can’t stifle having a go and doing things differently.

That is why I love this cartoon from the talented Hugh McLeod.


Oh yeah, and whatever you do…do it amazingly well. Independent thought, creativity and well over and above the average. Not a lot to ask hey?