Becky Green (was McMichael)

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When choosing a new communications partner or freelance support, the key is always flexibility.

The ability to flex between all the things a business needs – without tripling the budget to do so.  One month it could be ideas and branding, another month content and design. 

The constant need is strategic, innovative and creative ideas, advice, direction and measurement. 

That’s what I do.

Whether you’re looking for internal comms, marketing or creative PR and digital, you’re in the right place.

I work with your management team or board to do all the marketing and comms thinking and planning then train and support your team to deliver on the vision. 

Together with a small collection of high quality, good value partners, I can provide the full communications set.

You get one senior consultant, a consistent contact across a range of projects. 

Ditto if your agency needs a senior pair of hands.  Be it a pitch or an ongoing client engagement, I can help out flexibly in or out of office hours. 

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