reading: geosocial networking-the secret sexism of social media | The Economist

It occurred to me that I have yet to hear a woman brag about getting a badge from Foursquare, and that I never will. In fact, come to think of it, I barely hear women mention such services at all. Over the following weeks I kept a sharp eye (and ear) out, and only found one friend—tech-savvy and typically an early adopter of all manner of gadgetry—who described herself as a Foursquare fan. Just the other day, she said, she had been sitting by herself eating a lonely crepe. Killing time, she checked in to the restaurant and, as luck would have it, a friend who was in the neighborhood dropped by.

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reading: slight dip sees Mail Online stay top with 64m browsers – Press Gazette

Mail Online – Daily total: 3,596,040; monthly total: 63,753,237; daily total up 52 per cent year on year; monthly total up 57.4 per cent year on year

Guardian – Daily total: 2,407,265; monthly total: n/a; daily total up 31 per cent year on year; n/a

Telegraph – Daily total: 1,932,618; monthly total: 38,402,509; daily total up 22.1 per cent year on year; monthly total up 27 per cent year on year

Mirror Group Digital – Daily total: 631,100; monthly total: 14,108,330; daily total up 42.9 per cent year on year; monthly total up 51.2 per cent year on year

Independent – Daily total: 586,070; monthly total: 12,852,508; daily total up 28.7 per cent year on year; monthly total up 30.2 per cent year on year

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reading: Behind the scenes at Today, the most influential programme on British radio | Media | The Guardian

The Today programme is, of course, a legend, but now we know it has never been more popular: the latest figures put its audience during the first three months of this year at 7.03 million, 600,000 more than last year and an absolute if slightly controversial record.It has its critics, of course, some vociferous. Staid, elitist, rarefied. Fewer resources are leading to more mistakes, some complain. Others regret the loss of tone and talent injected by Todays dedicated reporters; the reliance instead on correspondents obliged to serve a multitude of BBC outlets at the same time. The programmes structure is too inflexible, people argue; unable to pick up a story and run with it, like more fluid formats. And its presenters, of course, are variously impertinent and aggressive if not downright rude  Humphrys, use 10 words when two would do James Naughtie, cant construct an argument Sarah Montague, or are too lightweight Davis.

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dear BBC radio 2, define interactive please….

So today saw the much publicised launch of the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2.  I for one have been looking forward to it as a halfway house for those of us too sensible for Moyles but not yet ready for Wogan.

The show was billed as an “interactive show for all the family”. Great I though, popped onto Twitter to @achrisevans to see what the listeners / man himself were tweeting about.  Aside from a few thanks tweeted before the show, nothing….

Popped onto facebook to see if there was an official fan page….found this group with about a hundred fans and no content on it….

Went to the radio 2 homepage which had a lovely graphic:

And a link to Chris’ blog……..not updated since Jan 5th.

Come on Chris – I always held you up as a broadcaster that made his success from really knowing your audience…but a breakfast slot with a phone-in doesn’t cut it as an interactive show today I’m afraid.

now there’s no excuse not to scan the headlines

As I get older, luxuriating over the weekend papers is becoming a fading memory as children, chores and family stuff increasingly demand more time.  That said, a lack of always being hungover on a weekend morning certainly helps redress the balance somewhat!

I came across this link on Twitter this morning (which is increasingly becoming my catch all newspaper anyway – see post) from The Guardian…it is a handy link to all the Sunday headlines on one page.  Great for a quick flick through and to save relevant / interesting stuff to Delicious to read/properly digest later.

Off to have a nosey at what the other papers offer by way of a digest….