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Thanks to Wadds for drawing attention to this post by SageCircle: a really useful list of analysts on Twitter….some I follow but many I don’t but will be checking out in future.

I am sure it is only a matter of time before someone does publish a list of journalists too as Wadds discusses and if/when that happens, I just hope (PR) people have the intelligence and the nous not to abuse the data.

As a PR person, the better I know someone, be it journalist, analyst, blogger or whoever, the more accurate/relevant I can be when approaching them with a story or meeting invitation etc and the less time of theirs (and mine) I will waste.

Abusing people’s Twitterfeeds with worthless pitches or inaccurately targeted comments is about as sensible a move as phoning Charles Arthur to see if he got your press release… I really value being able to follow journalists/analysts on Twitter and I’d hate to see the current conversation format ruined.


  1. sagecircle · July 21, 2008

    Hi Becks, Thanks for the link.

    The SageCircle Analyst Twitter Directory is updated on an approximately weekly basis so check back on a regular basis.

    You are absolutely right that analysts do not want Twitter to be used for yet another source of spam. We surveyed the analysts and here is what they said about Twitter:

    Cheers, -carter j

    SageCircle – the experts on analyst relations best practices and the tech industry analyst ecosystem

  2. sagecircle · July 24, 2008

    A quick heads up that today we launched the SageCircle AR Twitter Directory to track analyst relations professionals on Twitter.

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