the twitlist – analysts

Thanks to Wadds for drawing attention to this post by SageCircle: a really useful list of analysts on Twitter….some I follow but many I don’t but will be checking out in future.

I am sure it is only a matter of time before someone does publish a list of journalists too as Wadds discusses and if/when that happens, I just hope (PR) people have the intelligence and the nous not to abuse the data.

As a PR person, the better I know someone, be it journalist, analyst, blogger or whoever, the more accurate/relevant I can be when approaching them with a story or meeting invitation etc and the less time of theirs (and mine) I will waste.

Abusing people’s Twitterfeeds with worthless pitches or inaccurately targeted comments is about as sensible a move as phoning Charles Arthur to see if he got your press release… I really value being able to follow journalists/analysts on Twitter and I’d hate to see the current conversation format ruined.