Looking for journalists on Twitter?

Well the lovely Stephen Davies over at 3WPR has kindly updated his list of journalists using Twitter post.

Stephen did the same list a year ago and it was a great help to many of us in the industry…so what’s changed in the past 12 months?

  • Well volume for one, there are a lot more journalists using the medium today.
  • Also an increase in the use by regional, tabloid and trade journalists…last year the majority were national or freelancers but this has changed substantially.
  • And finally, many journalists are figuring out how they want to be contacted via Twitter and their blogs and are posting guidelines on what they want / don’t want to receive.¬† Essential reading can often be found on their own blogs and I advise taking the time to do this before you get in touch with them.

As with all kinds of PR outreach…use people’s contacts with care and don’t give the industry a bad name by spamming the hell out of the list…I know, as if you would?!

journalists on Twitter

Came across a site today that is really handy for following what journalists are talking about on Twitter, especially as more and more are requesting that PRs pitch stories and get in touch that way.

The site has been created by SawHorse and can be found at www.muckrack.com.

The following list of journalists have been added, their tweets being syndicated  and also some info on their profile, follower numbers etc.

the twitlist – analysts

Thanks to Wadds for drawing attention to this post by SageCircle: a really useful list of analysts on Twitter….some I follow but many I don’t but will be checking out in future.

I am sure it is only a matter of time before someone does publish a list of journalists too as Wadds discusses and if/when that happens, I just hope (PR) people have the intelligence and the nous not to abuse the data.

As a PR person, the better I know someone, be it journalist, analyst, blogger or whoever, the more accurate/relevant I can be when approaching them with a story or meeting invitation etc and the less time of theirs (and mine) I will waste.

Abusing people’s Twitterfeeds with worthless pitches or inaccurately targeted comments is about as sensible a move as phoning Charles Arthur to see if he got your press release… I really value being able to follow journalists/analysts on Twitter and I’d hate to see the current conversation format ruined.