What do you want to be famous for?

Thinking about Philip tonight on the latest Apprentice episode and wondering if you can ever really choose what you want to be famous for? You think you have, you work quite hard, then a moment of madness and a badly thought out idea bites you firmly on the bottom.

Despite being an irritating pain in the backside boardroom he will, from this point forwards, only ever be known as Pantsman.

Nick’s quote, “Tell us about Pantsman Philip” – genius!

In a social media world where very little ever dies online, be careful what you put your name to has never been more relevant.

The Apprentice ep5 – a lesson in getting your hands dirty


During tonight’s episode, Kimberley got the chop and rightly so (despite my dislike of Lorraine’s bulldog chewing a wasp face).
Kimberley, the self defined marketing expert ridiculously denied posessing either any creative talent or presentation skills tonight.

The lesson? Managers need to get their hands dirty and if you sell yourself as an expert, you better be prepared to deliver come crunch time.

{Nick/Margaret watch: Classic Nick “They took logic and tortured it until it screamed” – absolutely brilliant}

The Apprentice 2009: the return of Suralun

apprenticelogo2He’s back.  Along with 15 hapless hopefuls trying to prove their business acumen and professional worth in order to win a year long contract working for the grumpiest man in business ™

The latest series starts this coming Wednesday (25th) at 9pm on BBC1 and can be caught on the iplayer for anyone who misses it. This year’s line up can be found here . I love the apprentice and my fave things to look out for:

  1. The shameless and usually nonsensical comments contestants use to “sell themselves” that really just make them appear deranged. (see this year’s contestant – Ben Clarke – and his quote “To me making money is better than sex” if you need an example)
  2. Margaret’s facial expressions – usually to the side of the shot when she doesn’t know she’s on camera – regular yet priceless
  3. Nick’s visible despair at the hopefuls’ lack of initiative and nous – seen in most episodes
  4. Weekly tweetwatching from the likes of me and wadds and my failure to make up my mind about the winner until the final every year (what’s the hashtag then? #theapprentice09 and #apprentice09 both seem to be in the running)
  5. The Apprentice “You’re Fired” show with Adrian Chiles straight after the regular show on BBC2 for weekly analysis and an interview with the latest reject

Based on the initial info, my money is on Yasmina and James for the final…how’s that for a total stab in the dark?!

5 things I learnt from The Apprentice08

Well not exactly learnt but took away is perhaps more accurate…..

5. Cheats prosper….and everyone lies on their CV at some point.

4. Even grumpy old geezer bosses can have their minds changed.

3. Pear shaped girls shouldn’t wear shift dresses. OK seriously, the fact you “can sell” will get you through life when really should never work again.

2. United we stand; Divided we fall…..when the chips were down, Alex and Helene just could not work together despite the fact success depended on it.

1. The majority of people in business are talentless morons. Or is it just in the editing?

I loved this series, going to see “You’re Fired” be filmed with Wadds was defo a high point, as was this in the final show on BBC1