5 things I learnt from The Apprentice08

Well not exactly learnt but took away is perhaps more accurate…..

5. Cheats prosper….and everyone lies on their CV at some point.

4. Even grumpy old geezer bosses can have their minds changed.

3. Pear shaped girls shouldn’t wear shift dresses. OK seriously, the fact you “can sell” will get you through life when really should never work again.

2. United we stand; Divided we fall…..when the chips were down, Alex and Helene just could not work together despite the fact success depended on it.

1. The majority of people in business are talentless morons. Or is it just in the editing?

I loved this series, going to see “You’re Fired” be filmed with Wadds was defo a high point, as was this in the final show on BBC1

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