The Apprentice ep5 – a lesson in getting your hands dirty


During tonight’s episode, Kimberley got the chop and rightly so (despite my dislike of Lorraine’s bulldog chewing a wasp face).
Kimberley, the self defined marketing expert ridiculously denied posessing either any creative talent or presentation skills tonight.

The lesson? Managers need to get their hands dirty and if you sell yourself as an expert, you better be prepared to deliver come crunch time.

{Nick/Margaret watch: Classic Nick “They took logic and tortured it until it screamed” – absolutely brilliant}


  1. James Cherkoff · April 23, 2009

    ‘Pantsman’ was baffling even by the standards of The Apprentice!

  2. Ben Evetts · April 23, 2009

    Its incredible that someone could spend any time in a marketing role and think that any level of that project was properly executed….but, lets face it, the apprentice is only one step up from BB, just slightly more acceptable to discuss in the office.

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