Looking for journalists on Twitter?

Well the lovely Stephen Davies over at 3WPR has kindly updated his list of journalists using Twitter post.

Stephen did the same list a year ago and it was a great help to many of us in the industry…so what’s changed in the past 12 months?

  • Well volume for one, there are a lot more journalists using the medium today.
  • Also an increase in the use by regional, tabloid and trade journalists…last year the majority were national or freelancers but this has changed substantially.
  • And finally, many journalists are figuring out how they want to be contacted via Twitter and their blogs and are posting guidelines on what they want / don’t want to receive.¬† Essential reading can often be found on their own blogs and I advise taking the time to do this before you get in touch with them.

As with all kinds of PR outreach…use people’s contacts with care and don’t give the industry a bad name by spamming the hell out of the list…I know, as if you would?!

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