#snapchat how to set up a geo filter

Really useful guide to setting up a business geo filter for your company on Snapchat from the 10yetis team. They’ve also noted some ways you could use it.

I think flash sales, festivals, club nights, guest appearances, pop up hospitality businesses and theatre could also benefit from these.  Any more ideas?

While we are at it, here are some ideas for how you could use a Snapchat Geo Filter to help your business

1. Duh, use the example above in order to stamp your presence on your company buildings. 

This would obviously work out well for retailers and the likes of Primark have been putting Geo Filters on its store locations for some time. Yes, it is a nice to have rather than an essential thing but in a world where the high street appears to be Generic’ing people to death, it is a small way in which you can stand out.

2. Use it to attract new “talent”, i.e. Staff!

When we were recruiting for a new social media executive we used a Snapchat Geo Filter over the local university grounds as we knew it was the prime time for students to be finishing their courses. We got a fair bit of local chatter on social media for doing this and as word spread, we got over 20 decent applications. Now, you could use a Snapchat Geo Filter in a controversial way to and put a message and branding over the offices where your competitors work. Thing of it as cyber-headhunting :-). Let’s quickly move on now!

3. Use it to raise awareness to your competitors customers.

If we were to describe this in SEO terms this would be a very Black-Hat tactic but why not. Let’s say you are an online travel agent and you want to try and disrupt the high street retailers, you could, in theory, place a price-match offer on a Geo Filter across their biggest high street Travel Agent shops. It would certainly cause a stink and controversy is always of interest to marketing media.

4. Use it to raise awareness at an industry event.

Conferences are growing in number and growing in cost to both attend and sponsor. One way to get some back door profile (so to speak) is to put your branded Geo Filter on the building in which the conference is taking place. Conferences are also times in which lots of people get bored and use Snapchat, especially during the talks that I deliver, so it is great for awareness to a potentially new audience.

5. Use it at a mass consumer event, like a sports match

Why not try and use the Geo Filter at a mass tourist attraction or sports event. This could be a festival or a large football or rugby game. There is no doubt that Snapchat will clamp down on Geo Filters being used at these events but lower scale events may slip under the radar and provide a good opportunity for a niche brand to target an entirely new audience.

6. Create an exclusive discount code for your consumers.

If you have retail outlets you could create a unique discount or voucher code for Snapchat users only, communicated via a Gio Filter. Of course, consumers could then go on and share the discount code to a wider audience using other social media platforms, or, you know, actually talking IN REAL LIFE, so you would need to think about the consequences of deploying an offer like this. You don’t want to become a case study for social media news sites for bankrupting your business via Snapchat!


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