Hey, wanna share a job?

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Why not? I am sure you’d want a bit more time off, no? Part time hours / three days a week but a role that is still senior, meaningful and client facing? Someone with complimentary skills to bounce ideas off? A team, even though you’re the boss?

Sounds pretty idyllic I think….

Why don’t more people work as jobshares in PR? I mean you see the co-CEO model every now and again but why not other pairings? Have you ever applied for a job as a pair? Have you ever received a pair of CVs for one job?

Part time jobs are so few and far between and flexible part time jobs (i.e. home working) even more so. Surely the best all round is if two people share the job, providing full time cover but allowing flexibility in their timings and their homeworking status.

As a client, I get two brains instead of one (pref a left and a right!). As a junior member, I learn two lots of skills, instead of one. As an agency owner, I have doubled my ideas, my perspectives and my skills whilst keeping my costs the same. As the jobsharer, I get to keep my job, have time with my family, be office based 50% of the time, have cover when I am on holiday and have a partner with skills different to mine to ensure the clients and teams get a kickass service.

Am I missing something?


  1. Stephen Waddington · June 24, 2012

    Where do you want to start and how long have you got?

    The PR industry is engrained in a business model that is at least 60 years old. Job shares like so many aspects of innovation in employment within the PR agency business are few and far between.

    The industry is only just getting its head around flexible forms of working and an inherent distrust remains in all but the most enlightened organisations.

    Job sharing doesn’t happen because of the management and financial overhead, lack of systems, difficultly of finding two people willing to flex, and frankly because it easier not too.

    • Rebecca McMichael · June 24, 2012

      How hard is it to add the words “job share considered” to your next job ads at Speed? You never know….

  2. jobsharers · July 9, 2012

    Totally agree with you! Jobsharing could work in so many fields where it is difficult to get a part time job. I am writing a blog to promote jobsharing for these exact reasons!

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