Why oh why oh why in an age where it has never been easier to reach a diverse population or hire a team that fully reflects a diverse range of people, do soooo many agencies leave diversity down the bottom of the priority list.  This isn’;t about box ticking or an equal opps rant.  This is about common bloody business sense.

Want to sell to mums, errr, have some mums on your team.

Want to sell to flexible workers….maybe don’t have an entire team of London-based twenty-somethings who live in Clapham and don’t have families doing the comms.

Running a campaign for women? Why are there only men on the senior account team?

You get it. I know. So I’ll stop ranting.

But a final plea to the PR industry….mix it up for Gawd’s sake….let’s get rid of this typical white middle class industry with mostly women at junior ranks and mostly men at the top. If we can’t get our shit together for equal opportunities, at least let’s get better at what we do.

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