Mothers Work! by Jessica Chivers

A new book coming out next month, aims to look at how you can make working motherhood work for your family, your employer and yourself.

The author, Jessica Chivers, is an inspirational speaker and uses her coaching capability and psychology background to help women and employers recruit, retain and manage the balance of work and family.

In her own words, the book is:

“65,000 words on what it takes to make working motherhood, work by Jessica Chivers coming your way from Hay House, June 2011. Inspiring, energising, practical and filled with the experiences of over over 150 real mothers. This is the book any confused and tired mother who’s wondering how the hell she’ll manage going back to work needs to read before she does. Clarity and confidence will be yours at the end of it, that’s my promise.”

More info at the Facebook group, Twitter feed or website.

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