bit quiet of late….

As you may or may not know, I’ve been off on maternity leave for the last twelve months giving birth to and looking after a gorgeous girlie called Zahra. The year has flown and last week, I found myself back in the whirlwind world of PR and neck deep in stuff I had promised myself I’d read, apps I’d promised to check out, new social media sites to look at, a new mac to set up and use (having not done so previously) and work to fit in around this…joking Nick 🙂

I meant to write this last week but hey, I’ve been busy.

Leaving the girls again after a year at home is tough, I can’t deny that, but I am enjoying being part of the working world and a bit of adult company does wonders for the soul.

So expect more from me over coming weeks as I find my feet and catch up a bit. If anyone fancies helping me out with the top 3 things I missed in 2010, I’d be much obliged (smiling at you nicely Wadds, StephenChris, Ged, David, Paul and Jed)

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