hard choices: dinosaur dig vs. senior management meeting

working mums parentingWhen you’re a working parent, there are always hard choices.

In the evening when I collect my 4 year old from after school club and it is gone 6pm before we sit down for dinner and do reading, I know she’s too tired to concentrate and to learn.

When I drop them at breakfast club without their hair brushed and don’t walk all the way down the path because I am already late for an early conference call.

When I am listening to them talk about their day whilst simultaneously cooking dinner and checking my work email.

Hard choices are always there.  Being a human is full of hard choices. Today I had to choose between a dinosaur dig or senior management meeting.

As we approached the school, sprog 2.0 in her civvies all ready for day on the school field digging for dinosaur bones, we realised she was the only one without a bucket and spade.  I’d skipped past a couple of kids in their uniform who’s mums had forgotten, thanking God that wasn’t me and feeling fairly smuggety smug and accomplished only to realise, she’d be the kid who had to wait her turn and share a spade.  Instead of throwing herself into the activity 100%, she’d be the only one without her own bucket.  She’s like I was, this kid.  These things matter.  They’re the shit you remember. The shit you remind your mum of when you’re older.

So I drove round the petrol stations and bought a bucket and spade having left child, eyes brimming, at school for the day and dropped it into school for her.  This meant I was late.  Late for an important meeting.

I’d usually choose the meeting but today I couldn’t.

Hard choices. But I think I chose right this time.

bit quiet of late….

As you may or may not know, I’ve been off on maternity leave for the last twelve months giving birth to and looking after a gorgeous girlie called Zahra. The year has flown and last week, I found myself back in the whirlwind world of PR and neck deep in stuff I had promised myself I’d read, apps I’d promised to check out, new social media sites to look at, a new mac to set up and use (having not done so previously) and work to fit in around this…joking Nick 🙂

I meant to write this last week but hey, I’ve been busy.

Leaving the girls again after a year at home is tough, I can’t deny that, but I am enjoying being part of the working world and a bit of adult company does wonders for the soul.

So expect more from me over coming weeks as I find my feet and catch up a bit. If anyone fancies helping me out with the top 3 things I missed in 2010, I’d be much obliged (smiling at you nicely Wadds, StephenChris, Ged, David, Paul and Jed)