link love

Some sites I stumbled across this week, worth checking out if you have a spare minute or two. This week is all about the gals…

Fellow female PR blogger – Susannah Wyeth @ Lighthouse PR’s blog

Lucy Mangan’s page on The Guardian online with a collection of her sharp, witty columns

Matthew Watson @ Rainier’s blog (I was introduced via his post about the lack of female PR bloggers)


  1. David Brain · August 29, 2008

    I noticed you used the phrase “fellow female blogger”? Do women blog differently to men or is that just a dumb question now? It still seems to me that there are very few female bloggers and other than the usuat stereo-type reasons like men are happy to show off and speak up or enjoy technology more i can;t think why? Any views?

  2. Becks · August 30, 2008

    Hi David,
    It was the volume of female blogggers I was referring to (in PR at any rate) rather than the difference in how people blog. Check out original post on the topic by Matthew Watson. For me, the reasons I didn;t blog earlier were to do with being out the workforce for a year having a bubs so took me a while to get into things. I am not sure why fewer PR women blog? Maybe a confidence thing? Or not being able to be committed enough to doing it regularly? Not really sure tbh. In an industry so full of women, I’d expect more though.

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