new day new website

At work, we’re in the process of renovating our agency website and a few of the Ruder Finn team have joined the blogging masses too – shameless pimp but hey ho, it’s there if you fancy taking a look.

Things have been changing for a while at Ruder Finn, we’ve been slowly but surely building up our technology and interactive practice (huge in US and Asia but we’ve been predominantly healthcare, corporate and parliamentary in the UK for the past few years) and things are really taking off at the moment. Good times 🙂

link love

Some sites I stumbled across this week, worth checking out if you have a spare minute or two. This week is all about the gals…

Fellow female PR blogger – Susannah Wyeth @ Lighthouse PR’s blog

Lucy Mangan’s page on The Guardian online with a collection of her sharp, witty columns

Matthew Watson @ Rainier’s blog (I was introduced via his post about the lack of female PR bloggers)