Liverpool Football Club: why August is a month full of hope

As a football fan, I love the summer and I’m not talking about watching our oft disappointing national team when and if we make it into an International comp. I am talking about the extreme anticipation I get as a Liverpool fan.

The friendlies spark interest and provide a chance to see new partnerships in action, the papers are full of speculation, the signings are still coming in thick and fast, the LFC PR machine is being cranked up to 11 and the hope and belief I feel about success in the coming season is off the scale.

Our season kicks off away to Sunderland this Saturday…good luck boys!

One comment

  1. tommalcolm · August 15, 2008

    I cant wait – good luck with the fantasy football….I hope you like fried rice and indoor ponds, because I’m going to take you down to China Town!

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