Liverpool Football Club: why August is a month full of hope

As a football fan, I love the summer and I’m not talking about watching our oft disappointing national team when and if we make it into an International comp. I am talking about the extreme anticipation I get as a Liverpool fan.

The friendlies spark interest and provide a chance to see new partnerships in action, the papers are full of speculation, the signings are still coming in thick and fast, the LFC PR machine is being cranked up to 11 and the hope and belief I feel about success in the coming season is off the scale.

Our season kicks off away to Sunderland this Saturday…good luck boys!

no money; no problem

After much consideration (well not much at all really) I will be supporting Spain in tonight’s Euro 2008 final, despite having drawn Germany in the office sweepstake.

Such is my passion for my Liverpool boyzers, I am willing to sacrifice literally pounds to see Spain lift the cup and bask in European glory. I just hope they appreciate it 😉

every one a winner…

Very chuffed that Spain is into the Euro 2008 final.

Let’s hope that my man Torres (plus his other red/country mates) puts on a sparkling performance and does his Liverpool fanbase proud.

Having pulled Germany in the office sweepstake though, I need to decide heart or bank account in terms of who to shout for in the final…

public displays of desperation

Reading the Liverpool FC latest in the Guardian and despairing at the situation. A chairman with little apparent business sense and questionable loyalty to the manager; owners that clearly don’t care about the club and an organisation that is losing its grip on what matter to the fans and players – solidarity, passion and pride. Rafa the gaffer has my vote and I hope he can focus despite all the distractions and lead the team through an important couple of weeks. And after that? Well i think ShareLiverpool might be onto something…