twitter karma

If ever there was a network for reaping what you sow, Twitter seems to be it. In just the last month, I have had several great opportunities (spanning recruitment, new business and a couple of great job briefs that I obviously passed onto friends 😉 ) all through contacts I have made solely through the platform as a result of being interested, listening and being involved.

Articulating the benefits of twitter is not always easy as I found when trying to convince an old PR friend of mine this afternoon but my top three would have to be:

1) Community (the banter and craic is really important to me as someone who works remotely a lot)

2) Knowledge (am loving the interaction and stuff I am learning from peers and journos alike)

3) Karma (what’s not to love?)

Putting the time in to respond to people’s tweets, listening, helping with requests and genuinely being nice seems to really pay off in the social networking world. Not so different to real life after all…

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