carry on campervanning

…well we finally did it. After living in Cornwall for 5 years, having campervan-envy at every festival we’ve ever been to and almost getting divorced every time we’ve had to erect a tent, we have only gone and bought ourselves a shiny new (to us) van!

The beast of choice is a 2001 Mazda Bongo and we collect it in a couple of weeks. My dearest husband is already looking at ways to pimp it so I’ll be closely monitoring any large packages being delivered from this point forwards!

Best of all, I kept my Grandad’s “anything off for cash?” spirit alive by getting 10% off the price and a load of extras lobbed in for nowt. Now we just need a sunny weekend and we’re off on the open road. Watch this space for road trip piccies.

One comment

  1. Caravans · August 9, 2008

    Oh I love the Bongo, when I was at the Hull HERCMA caravan show last year I was chatting to a trader about the Bongo, they have a lot of praise for them, and this wasnt a Mazda dealer. Im sure you’ll love it.

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