reading: announcing TED “Ads worth spreading”


This year’s Ads Worth Spreading is searching to find the 10 most compelling campaigns of 2011, driven by this belief: that the smartest, strongest ads don’t just sell a product or brand, but express an idea.

TED’s mission is ideas worth spreading. The dream behind the Ads Worth Spreading initiative is to find companies that want to communicate ideas to their consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience.

Revealing the way a company thinks tells consumers what that company is and what it stands for. In last year’s contest, one of our final selections, Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” campaign, spoke to people because it communicated an incredible idea — steel is born of fire, and cities that go through hard times aren’t dead forever.

“In our brave new interconnected world, the rules of marketing are changing fast,” says Anderson. “Ambush advertising is broken. We think there’s a better way, based on sharing powerful ideas. Most companies are teeming with amazing ideas that the rest of the world never gets to see. By letting some of those ideas out into the world in an authentic way, companies have a shot at transforming the way they are perceived. We’re looking forward to another fantastic round of entries from forward-thinking companies and people.”

via TED Blog | Announcing Ads Worth Spreading, year 2.

making work life balance work

Nice TED talk on work life balance, courtesy of Nigel Marsh, for a Friday afternoon.  In summary:

1. Gimmicks like dress down Friday don’t work. We are working long and hard hours in jobs we hate, buying things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. That is the hub of the issue.

2. Governments and corporations won’t solve the issue for us – take control for the type of life we want to lead.  If we don’t design our lives, someone will design it forward.  Never put the quality of your life in the hands of ANY corporation.

3. Plan your day — be realistic, you can’t do it all, elongate the timeframe in which we judge the balance.  A day is too short, after we retire is too long.

4. Approach balance in a balanced way. Being a fit 10 hour a day office rat isn’t balanced, it’s just more fit. Attend to all areas….the small things matter.  It doesn’t have to be a huge upheaval – with the smallest investment in the right places, big changes can happen.  If enough people do it, we can change society’s definition of success from who dies with the most money wins to the measure of success being a life well lived.

I would add, make time for each area of your life without interruption.  When you’re home with the kids, turn off the blackberry/computer. When you’re at work, make sure you can focus properly on the job in hand without distractions. And the single most important thing about good work life balance in my opinion is find a job you love and it will feel a lot less like work which can only be a positive thing.