all publicity….etc? Seems so for the NSPCC….

Take one fake Facebook campaign….add rumours about the origin of the campaign being set up by paedophiles….add to the mix it is supposed to be for a charity that stops cruelty to children and you have an absolute PR disaster right?

Nope….not if handled correctly……four steps…

1) Find out as much as you can about the fake campaign and assess whether it is damaging or can be made into a positive for your brand
2) Give info clearly about the campaign as you know it, thank those for participating in good faith who clearly have an interest in your brand / cause

3) Clearly state the original campaign was not started by you but you are glad for the awareness it has caused (via online and trad media)

4) Whilst the interest is there, provide a call to action that can further benefit your brand/cause and maximise the current interest level

Well done NSPCC on the handling of the weekend’s fake facebook campaign – a lack of panic and an eye for an opportunity has enabled them to hit over 100,000 Facebook fans (and rising) and provided a great audience to share a review of their good work this past year.