pop up retail – old school style

There’s nothing new about pop-up retail, or pop-up anything if you live on the Isles of Scilly. The same venue morphs from charity shop to music venue to church hall in the space of an afternoon as islanders make the best use of the resources they have. As for an interactive social what’s on guide……..you get to town and read the notice board. ┬áSimple!

knickers to that

Last week saw M&S issue a profit warning, much to the surprise of the city, so apparently, people make do with shabby old grey pants and buy their parmesan in Aldi in a recession downturn therefore, Britain’s favourite department store gets hit squarely in the wallet.

Seems like their ads have also been scaled down a peg or two with the throaty “this is no ordinary…..” being replaced with a far more economically sound “this is a meal for two for a tenner” style…I guess they know their customers pretty well though – interesting to see what the next quarter holds and whether their change in message and voice impacts the bottom line.

the next big thing

Many people spent the afternoon sobbing into their o2 contracts today as the iPhone pre-order system in the UK melted down.

As so often happens these days, a well-timed post on Twitter between Simon Bisson and Jon Silk then got me wondering why some people just HAVE to have the newest shiniest gadget as early as possible (if not before) and just cannot seem to wait.

According to the latest research from The Wellcome Trust, it isn’t just impatience or an obsession with big boys/girls toys it is in the genetic make-up of some of us and caused by the same chemicals that make us seek out other types of buzz….adrenaline sports, drink, drugs, gambling, you name it.

Does it explain why you can no longer move in our little cottage for camera bits, lenses, routers, flatscreen monitors/TVs and computers since my husband stopped going out boozing as much and gave up snowboard seasons?

Take heart though because the next time your partner goes mental at another sparkly delivery arriving on the doormat you can legitimately blame it your hugely enlarged ventral striatum!