PR: if you start with tactics, you’ll probably stay there

Thanks for pitching our business……’re the winner!

We loved your ideas, we loved your team but most importantly, we loved your strategy and how honest you were about how we needed to change…….

… can you write a tactical plan as we really need to hit the ground running and show some results.

Sound familiar?

There is nothing better than winning and starting work on a shiny new account…the ideas are overflowing, enthusiasm is high and the team is desperate to show what they can do and wow their newest client.

But don’t rush.  Get it right at the beginning and the ideas you proposed will work.  Pick up where the old agency left off (which probably wasn’t working or they wouldn’t have changed) and you are doomed to fail the same way!

Whilst demonstrating value quickly is paramount with a new client, if you don’t spend time getting the strategy right at the beginning of an engagement, the chances are you’ll never get opportunity to make the tweaks you recommended and that the client hired you for.

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  1. hotels · December 2, 2011

    What enlightening read!!

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