my noughty life

Don’t usually do personal posts but was just thinking about the fast approaching end of the noughties and what an amazing decade it has been for me…’s why:
2000 – had just broken off engagement to Fiance, sold house, began reliving lost 3 years of potential party girlness

Dec 2000 – met and totally fell for then boyfriend,now husband

Jan 2001 – moved into London (from burbs) worked and played very hard

Sept 2001 – bought flat in Brixton with then BF

Sept 2002 – walked out on good job as associate director after sh1t tube ride to work and generally bad week.  Set up own freelance PR business – ran it for 4 years

Oct 2002 – won PR Week Young PR Professional of the year award – greatly helped freelance business 🙂

Dec 2002 – got engaged

June 2003 – bought little cottage in Cornwall and began co-locating between London and Cornwall

Nov 2003 – got married in London, month in Thailand afterwards

Holidays, surfing lessons, snowboarding trips – (many), playing out with pals, festivals, far too many good nights out, credit card damage

Mar 2005 – 30th birthday

Mar 2006 – sold London flat and bought ski apartment in France – not yet been able to afford to stay in it but hopeful for future 🙂

June 2006 – daughter arrived

June 2007 – back from maternity leave to current company permanently as head of division and worked hard again !

Dec 2008 – moved up north for 6 month stint then sharply relocated back down to Cornwall

May 2009 – moved into current house in Cornwall

June 2009 – fell pregnant again

Dec 2009 – started maternity leave………
What a brill decade it has been, both personally and professionally….Happy New Year to anyone who reads the blog and here’s to the next 10 years…

PS…blogger pals – I’d love to hear about what the last decade meant to you personally too….


  1. indeterminismus · December 20, 2009

    wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year!

    looks like some good time the last 10 years 🙂

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