google wave – it tastes a bit like chicken

….and the other 9 things I noticed when having my first play with it….

  1. No one knows what they’re doing which immediately makes messing about with it good fun
  2. There’s a lot of high brow comments such as “can you see me typing” “is this working” when you first have a play with it…..and slightly stranger “what are you wearing” but perhaps that is more about the people I was waving with that the actual app
  3. People can see you typing and therefore truly appreciate how shocking you are at spelling etc.
  4. You can embed video into waves and er share YouTube clips etc.
  5. You can talk rubbish with strangers, er, just like any other comms tool or in fact real life
  6. You can work on docs together and then download them
  7. You’ll have no contacts and upon starting to import/build them, you’ll realise your address book needs sorting out as your Google contacts don’t contain anyone useful or who has heard of Wave
  8. You won’t be able to find the lightbulb for a while
  9. It’s hard to figure out how it will all fit together with the other communication apps you use/have open all day – I have started googling to see what others say, see mashable as starting point
  10. So far, I’d say it tastes a bit like chicken….

Tagging Jon Silk, Ged Carroll and Dom Whitehurst as other Wave newbies to see what you think / potential uses for PR etc.


  1. Chris Reed · October 14, 2009

    Still not sure about the chicken-tasting aspect… but then again I’ve still not had a play. I am intrigued, but not over-awed at the prospect – if that makes sense…

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