You’re not here for a haircut: how to be a good PR consultant to clients

A little follow up post to my “how to be the perfect PR client” post from earlier this month, here’s a list of my top 10 tips for being a good PR consultant…love to hear your additions as always:

  1. Read. A lot.
  2. Consult them. A lot. Don’t *ever* just “yes” your clients (imagine pitching a release to Charles Arthur for example and then check it still sounds like a good release/angle/story?!) Be honest, follow your gut feeling.  If it sounds like marketing puff, don’t just keep quiet – speak up
  3. Contribute. Ideas, thoughts, advice, research, analysis
  4. Remember.  Names, faces, authors, briefings, actions – the list is endless but don’t let stuff slip
  5. Remember the smaller stuff too – birthdays, anniversaries, holiday destinations – ask questions and be interested
  6. Be visible. Hot desk at client’s offices, walk around and get to know everyone
  7. Be a “so what” test. Question things. Is it right? Will it work? What’s the objective? Why are you using that phrase? Is it different? Is it fresh? Because a client thinks it’s news, can you sell it? If not, why not? What *will* make it work? Offer solutions as well as questions….
  8. Be accepting. If you have advised a client about something and they ignore it- don’t take it personally – move on. Get over it
  9. Be positive and FULL of energy.  Guess what? You’re paid to be here so for God’s sake smile and engage properly – look for the positive in situations, don’t dismiss ideas without offering alternatives
  10. Over deliver…consistently. Always. Set targets and then blow them away

Any more for any more?


  1. katie moffat · June 1, 2009

    Agree with all of them, particularly number 1. You’ve got to be the sort of person that is interested in the world around them – not just topics that appeal to you personally.

    I’d add:

    11. Show them new things – technology, stories, people who can help them – excite them.
    12. Be incredibly, unbelievably organised.

    • Rebecca McMichael · June 1, 2009

      Good points Katie.

  2. Laura Lynne · June 1, 2009

    Great points..

    I think the only additional point that I would add to the great list is to be creative and challenge the norm (constantly challenging all parties to look at what they usually do and try something new)

    • Rebecca McMichael · June 1, 2009

      Defo another good point Laura

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