Who did you follow first on Twitter?

Cool little app to see who the first 10 people were you followed on Twitter (hat tip @monkchips).


@bmcmichael’s first follow (that they still follow) was @simon_g. [Tweet this]
@simon_g joined twitter on Tue Jul 25 2006 10:42:24 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time)

The first 10 people that @bmcmichael followed: @simon_g, @r_c, @bbctech, @LauraLynne, @guardiantech, @monkchips, @dahowlett, @DavidBrain, @stevecla, @benayers

One comment

  1. paulstallard · May 3, 2009

    Cool app. I might have a little play with that later.

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