Cluetrain plus 10 – why common sense never goes out of fashion

To celebrate the Cluetrain Manifesto turning ten years old, a group  of marketers and bloggers have got together to update the essays and my colleague Ged Carroll (Renaissance Chambara to many) has written one over on our agency blog, here’s a taster:

Before I started my first job, my Dad told me that ‘common sense never went out of fashion’ and the same could be said for the Cluetrain Manifesto ten years on. I had signed up to blog about one of the theses (number 83) in the book via this site.

Ten years later and providing the media with preferential treatment in comparison to consumers seems more ridiculous. My friend Paul Armstrong’s Twitter feed @themediaisdying chronicles the slow death march of traditional news media.

As people are updating the essays, they are posting them here so worth checking back for a full set over the next few days.

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