Lucy Kellaway on Twittering executives

While Ashton Kutcher, husband of Demi Moore, is the first to have 1m followers on the strength of posting pictures of his wife in his knickers, the chancellor of the exchequer had only 1,800 takers for his plans for the British economy.

Yet his tweets last week were perfect – short, clear and informative. They made me think that if the Budget can be done on Twitter, it must be possible to do all corporate communications the same way, and put e-mail in the dustbin forever. …Not only would messages be quicker to read and easier to understand, most would not get sent at all….To communicate this way – either on Twitter or on Yammer, which is a similar service aimed at companies – would have another advantage. It would make clear who are the really powerful people in a company. Humble employees who happen to have good ideas could easily have more followers than the chief executive.

via / Columnists / Lucy Kellaway – Twittering executives reveal too much.

Good example of how you can reveal too much whilst revealing way to little.  Back to my colleague Ged’s mantra…don’t just be nice, be useful.

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