10 things to make the pitch process easier

Following on from a piece I read the other day about delivering the perfect pitch, I thought I’d jot down some things that I find help the actual process go smoother too. Love to hear any more you might have to add….

10. Get started on the research right away
9. Don’t just rely on the net, get primary research if you can
8. Get the team who is pitching involved from the off so they feel more confident in the ideas they’re presenting
7. Ask questions if unsure on the brief. Don’t guess but at the same time, use your initiative where you can
6. Don’t just do PowerPoint for ease. Is it the best way of getting across your ideas in the time you have?
5. Look for a story throughout the pitch. A narrative makes the whole thing much easier to follow, make it flow and build it into your action plan
4. Agree your theme/idea early and stick to it. The rest of the time should be working out how you explain the idea simply and right through to measuring results
3. Allocate roles that suit people’s skills. Nerves often come from people presenting stuff they aren’t sure of
2. Rehearse, then rehearse more, then rehearse a bit more. Don’t just read through the pitch, get some people you trust to critique and help you with delivery
1. Win or lose, you’ve worked bloody hard as a team so have confidence in what you are presenting. Relax. Let the adrenaline kick in and try to enjoy it


  1. James Cherkoff · April 27, 2009

    Know who’s going to be in the room and do a little research about them. It’s makes the pitch easier when you can reference the people in the room as individuals.

    • Rebecca McMichael · April 27, 2009

      Good point – knowing your audience is always a good plan 🙂

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