are you PR-friendly?


I am.


In fact, according to Brendan Cooper, I am the 90th tallest midget in the UK PR circus (blatantly ripping off David Brain’s expression there btw).

Anyway, I do love a good list and it is clear a lot of hard graft went into this one so thanks Brendan for including me and well done to other newcomers to the PR world order such as David Brain and Paul Stallard. Am off to have a nosey at the other 99 in the list….


  1. paulstallard · March 23, 2009

    Thanks for the mention – good to see your blog on the index. Well deserved.

    • Rebecca McMichael · March 23, 2009

      Cheers Paul šŸ™‚ You too…and got your name right this time – so mortified about that !

  2. Rebecca McMichael · May 13, 2009

    UPDATE: I have been shunned from the list now apparently – my blog isn’t PR enough. Who knew!

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