re-collocation…a made up word too far?


Well after lots of consideration, we have decided to leave Cornwall to try life ooop North near my family.  Whilst we absolutely adore Cornish life and the the place we live is beautiful, we want to try life nearer my family and see if it suits us.  I reckon we’ll know if 6 months and it’s the perfect time to try it before my daughter starts school.

We are renting our place out and renting somewhere there too so it is fairly low risk (we hate it, we move back) and the fact that neither of our jobs have needed to change has made the whole process so much easier.

Another win for collocation… doesn’t matter where you end up commuting from.

Now to sort out Pickfords (the only company that doesn’t feel the need to adjust its pricing despite the current state of the property market/general economy); BT (can’t find our address therefore we cannot have a phone); Sky/Tiscali and other providers that rely on BT.

Let the fun and games begin.


  1. Ged · December 1, 2008

    Congratulations, all that great shopping George Henry Lee, LIDL, Aldi, Sayer’s pasties. In fact, not sure why still live and work down here 😉

  2. Becks · December 1, 2008

    There’s a spare room with your name on it if ever you feel the need to return!

  3. katie moffat · December 2, 2008

    Congratulations on the move, it’s great to be near family when you have small children. Glad to hear you’re moving the the best part of the country 🙂 We’re currently wrestling with whether to move back to Manchester, I miss the city but grass is always greener etc oh and it definitely does get harder when you have school age kids.

  4. Simon Collister · December 2, 2008

    Good luck. I hope it works out for you all… and let me know if you’re doing holiday lets (in Cornwall of course!).

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