Obama FTW!

obama-wants-you-to-sign-up-for-obamarama1Finally we can ask the question and see the answer so many were waiting for:

Is Obama President?

As we all wake up this morning, news of Obama’s victory is everywhere.

As I sat up (as I always do..for as long as I can) watching the results come in, I was kept highly amused and entertained by the folks on my Twitterfeed.

I stayed up til around 3am and the pointers were all there for a pretty impressive result.  This was my first social network-style election (bar London Mayor).

Chatting to various people in the UK and US, certainly made for an interesting election night, that is without the highlights of Hitchens on the beeb, CNN’s hologram use, Dimbleby’s grumpy mood and Vine’s inability to control the Mission Impossible style touchscreen on occasions amongst others!

The use of social media will no doubt be debated by many along the whole election process as it is one hell of a big case study but as far as I am concerned last night was another win for Twitwatching!

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