commuting essentials – your top 3?

Katie Moffat (aka dropped me and fellow colocator- Wadds – a line this week to ask about the three most essential tools for long commutes/home working.

It got me thinking as Wadds and I have been discussing the things you need two of and the stuff you have to cart around just to make travelling more bearable.

My top 3 essentials for a long commute (excluding laptop) would be:

– Dongle (service varies, check the coverage maps, especially if you are travelling out to the sticks like I am)

– Decent mobile device (phone/blackberry/games and ipod/touch or combined as you’ll need tunes, podcasts etc to while away those hours

– Memory stick plus avid use of gmail (I am a nightmare for being in the wrong place with the wrong file)

I think as time goes on, services like Huddle will become essentials for the remote worker/colocator as it combines document storage with social networking and will soon include IM and teleconferencing….I see these tools eventually becoming the long espoused “virtual office” that you can dip into at any time.

Anyone else like to share their top 3?


  1. jed hallam · October 9, 2008

    my colocating is a bit different – I just have a monster of a commute but I still think I can contribute my three items!
    1. iPod touch for GPS/email/Twitter
    2. A massive memory stick
    3. A good old fashioned umbrella for when my car breaks down (or alternatively a pay rise to purchase a better car!)

    Oh and the traffic app on my iPod!

  2. katie · October 13, 2008

    excellent, thanks for sharing. I agree about the dongle but the one I have is utter rubbish, it’s from 3 and it’s never really worked reliably plus their customer support is dreadful.
    I’m looking to upgrade phone as need much better access to emails on the move. ipod touch I think it has to be.

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