10 reasons why IT support hates tech pr types

My husband works in IT and is always going on about how it must be murder working in IT support for tech PR people! Here’s why….

1. We want faster machines.  All the time. And new stuff.  We want it, no we *need* it.

2. We know the office prefers you not to use social networking sites all day but we are allowed to so *ner ner*.

3. We watch video at our desks.  A lot. And always say it is for work purposes.

4. We download software that makes us more able to do our jobs but don’t necessarily tell anyone about it. Until it goes wrong.

5. We like anything beta.

6. We use free apps all the time then moan like hell when it doesn’t work.

7. We *know* the corporate tariff is Vodafone but we don’t care because we *need* iPhones.

8. We work from home, we travel a lot, we drain your time, we think we take priority.

9. If our Blackberry/remote mail doesn’t work, it actually *is* the end of the world or so we’d have you believe.

10. We always moan about how much more rubbish our office networks are compared with our home set up.

So I’d like to formally apologise to every IT person I have ever worked with/annoyed/sent insane. You know we love and need you really 🙂


  1. Laura · September 25, 2008

    Ah never a truer word said!

  2. Paul Fabretti · September 25, 2008

    That really made me laugh – especially the everything in beta bit!

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