no communications? no holiday for me

This weekend, my husband and I took or daughter away in our new (to us) campervan for the first time and it was fab. Sea, camping, cooking outside, lying on a rug with the papers, drinking champers to toast the new van…all good!

I, however, forgot to take my blackberry charger and consequentially was without any Internet access all weekend. Big deal? well actually, yes it was.

I know some people’s idea of a holiday/weekend away is turning the PC off, not reading a paper or watching the news and generally switching off from everything and if that is the case, you will probably think I am a total saddo. However, for me, not being able to look stuff up during a discussion, prove my husband wrong in an argument, check the spelling to a crossword clue, pop onto Twitter, check the weather or the surf report/tide times or read the headlines online is my idea of hell!

As we packed up our lovely van and left the secluded farm up on the Cornish cliffs, I spotted a sign saying wifi available here…¬£1. So I booked us in next weekend but will remember the laptop next time.

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