wanted: password nirvana

I’m already feeling like an old git before I even start writing this (picture your Grandma/parents – depending on which decade you were born in- moaning about remembering pin numbers) but am I alone in using at least half of available brainpower to remember passwords and log-ins? It is probably my biggest time drain, constantly getting failed log in attempts and waiting for passwords to be re-mailed to me….OK that’s a lie but it must be pretty close.

I used to use the same one for everything then lost a laptop on a drunken night out and freaked out about security a bit so tried a different approach which seems to be set password as whichever term first pops into my head on a given day then instantly forget it….a less than satisfactory approach, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Please tell me there is an easy solution to this modern day (not all that major) ballache that is driving me nuts? Top tips anyone?