the road to a story

In my opinion, Twitter has really disrupted the traditional flow of the news process over the past 12-18 months. An example of this was seen today:-

===Wired blog posts Blogging is dead piece on 20th Oct

===Twitterverse discusses, many people link and blog about it on 21st Oct

===BBC journalist discusses on Twitter on 22nd October

===Radio 4’s Today programme calls for guests to discuss this the following day mid afternoon

===BBC blogs it on evening of 22nd October

===Presumably it will be an item on tomorrow’s radio 4 show.. Update: Here it is.

Now I don’t know about you but I remember when Radio 4’s Today programme was the source of most of my news first thing…not discussing things that have been around and heavily debated and discussed online for two days already.  I presume this will be more of an analysis piece than news but it really illustrated to me how times have changed and how we are seeing “the news” be created these days, not just reading/hearing the finished article.