meme me up baby

Thanks to Jed hallam for lobbing his three for three meme baton over to me on Friday and apologies for the tardy contribution.  Here goes nowt:

Top Three non-work websites

  1. Cats that look like Hitler
  2. Fantasy premier League
  3. B3TA

Top Three Karaoke Songs

  1. Pink – Just Like a Pill
  2. Dolly Parton and Kenny R – Islands in the stream
  3. Anything by Tina Turner

Top Three Weekend Cocktails

  1. A Freud’s Mojito to start the night
  2. A homemade elderflower gintastic
  3. A Freud’s Long Island Ice Tea to end the night (never wise but always tasty – ask paulieA)

And the three people I am tagging are:

  1. Stephen Waddington
  2. Katie Moffat
  3. Paul Ballard