why consider flexible working?

I stumbled across an interesting piece on IT Pro giving 10 reasons for companies to consider introducing a flexible working policy. This is a real interest area of mine, having managed to maintain a senior position in the PR industry whilst raising a family and living outside of London.  I have been fortunate to have a very forward thinking employer and clients but many companies still cannot see the benefits of flexible working.

Here’s the list outlined in the ITPro article:

Cost savings



Work-life balance


Staying competitive

Equality and diversity

The tech is already in place

Government regulations mean you have to

Business continuity

But I would also add a few of my own:

Community benefits – people spend where they live instead of where they work

Working with other offices/Intl clients – people don’t mind the early Asian and the late US conference calls when they are working at home, much easier than trying to get into the office for silly o’clock

Health benefits – it is a lot easier to fit in the run/gym session when you don’t have to negotiate an hour long tube journey or carry your suit in to work – ditto sleep, easier to get the recommended 8 hours a day when your alarm goes off a little later

Staff retention benefits – if workers are allowed to adopt a flexible pattern that fits in around other commitments, they are more likely to be committed to a company and to stay longer.  This is a great benefit to clients as IP is not lost due to high turnover but also reduces recruitment/replacement hassles and costs

Any other flexible workers got anything to add?

N.B. Cross posted on Ruder Finn’s blog