reading: investors ask chairmen to clarify positions on women in the boardroom

Chairmen of UK FTSE 350 companies have been asked to disclose what their goals are for increasing female representation on their boards.

The move by seven leading institutional investors in UK listed companies is designed to send the message to businesses that gender equality is an important issue to asset and investment managers.

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reading: geosocial networking-the secret sexism of social media | The Economist

It occurred to me that I have yet to hear a woman brag about getting a badge from Foursquare, and that I never will. In fact, come to think of it, I barely hear women mention such services at all. Over the following weeks I kept a sharp eye (and ear) out, and only found one friend—tech-savvy and typically an early adopter of all manner of gadgetry—who described herself as a Foursquare fan. Just the other day, she said, she had been sitting by herself eating a lonely crepe. Killing time, she checked in to the restaurant and, as luck would have it, a friend who was in the neighborhood dropped by.

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