is there a bright side in today’s economy?

Any excuse to watch a bit of Monty Python!

Anyway, I have been chatting to many people over the past week about the current financial situation and the Lehman nightmare in particular and I honestly believe that whilst absolutely dreadful for many individuals involved, a crisis such as this usually needs to happen.

Markets need to re-adjust, be it financial, housing or others and the surge of talented employees now on the market, combined with lower property and business service costs provide an opportunity for many businesses to expand, hire people they wouldn’t have been able to attract at one time and get their own businesses in better shape.

Just read this post from my pal Ged:

This is not about belittling the personal tragedies of Lehman employees who have been laid off, but instead looking at the bigger picture.

  • You have a surplus of skills: IT professionals, quant / math freaks, economists and former rocket scientists – all of which could be useful in coming up with a killer technology application or web service. Think about it this way – former Morgan Stanley computer programmer Joshua Schachter came up with
  • Some interesting points about why change can be a good thing.

    what a difference a fortnight makes….

    Photo courtesy of Elton Harding

    Photo courtesy of Elton Harding

    Been off on hols for two weeks only to find that if you turn your back for a minute, by the time you look  around again, the economy has taken a few more heavy-footed steps towards disaster…….XL popped its clogs leaving me and a couple of hundred other holiday makers stranded and out of pocket….Alitalia is allegedly on the brink of bankruptcy but the sniff of an oilrag is keeping it flying…..Lehman is no more…..Merrill got bought……the women of Alaska have found their voices opposing  Palin….lots of events I wanted to go to happened and the world and his dog wants a PR agency/proposal. I picked a busy fortnight to go away it seems….note to self – go away in September again next year 🙂

    Closer to home, my copy of David Brain‘s book arrived and he is now lying on top of Jackie Collins on a coffee table in my lounge ( #thingsithoughtidneversay )

    And finally, not known to rest on their laurels, the Ruder Finn team have been yammering away all week and I logged on see various invites to another new network sitting in the inbox ….off to give it a whirl….

    Holiday was ace by the way…