us now, me later

There are times when I hate not living in London and yesterday was one of them. Us Now was screening at the RSA and I really wanted to see it.  Here is a trailer. Blurb from the makers here too.

The film looks at the power of mass
collaboration, government and the internet and features interviews and clips from the likes of Clay Shirky – author of Here Comes Everybody and Matthew Taylor – chief exec of the RSA.

Just signed up to go and see it at NESTA next week so will post my thoughts then.

the essence of collaboration

I saw a tweet from Robin Bloor last week, quoting a well known saying and it struck a chord with me.

His tweet was, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” and I feel that this has never been truer than today, due to the collaborative spirit and willingness to help that I am seeing spread across our industry.

So yes it is a bit fromage-tastic but it sums it all up for me and surely the more candles that are lit, the lighter and brighter the whole room becomes.

*no more cheesy posts, I promise*