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Image courtesy of Omar Z

Image courtesy of Omar Z

Everyone loves a numbers list ūüėČ and I just spotted @flawlessbuzz‘s new Top 50 celebrities on Twitter post.

Adam has taken the Sunday Times’ list based on number and followers and run it through twittergrader.

1. @mchammer (MC Hammer) 99.99 123
2. @stephenfry (Stephen Fry) 99.99 209
3. @ricksanchezcnn (Rick Sanchez) 99.99 209
4. @davejmatthews (Dave Matthews) 99.98 236
5. @hodgman (John Hodgman) 99.98 284
6. @willcarling (Will Carling) 99.98 284
7. @lancearmstrong (Lance Armstrong) 99.97 423
8. @wossy (Jonathan Ross) 99.97 468
9. @Schofe (Philip Schofield) 99.96 506
10. @the_real_shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) 99.94 917
11. @joetrippi (Joe Trippi) 99.94 917
12. @jimmyfallon (Jimmy Fallon) 99.92 1,058
13. @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman) 99.92 1,058
14. @glinner (Graham Linehan) 99.92 1,117
15. @mrskutcher (Demi Moore) 99.9 1,430
16. @souljaboytellem (Soulja Boy) 99.9 1,529
17. @snoopdogg (Snoop Dogg) 99.9 1,609
18. @Karlrove (Karl Rove) 99.9 1,826
19. @britneyspears (Britney Spears) 99.99 1,826
20. @schwarzanegger (Arnold Schwarzangger) 99.8 2,146
21. @johncleese (John Cleese) 99.98 2,250
22. @Andy_murray (Andy Murray) 99.8 2,567
23. @Paulocoelho (Paulo Coelho) 99.8 2,916
24. @xxandip (Andy Peters) 99.8 3,113
25. @williamshatner (William Shatner) 99.7 3,524
26. @algore (Al Gore) 99.7 3,919
27. @charltonbrooker (Charlie Brooker) 99.7 4,665
28. @herring1967 (Richard Herring) 99.7 4,665
29. @mayoroflondon (Boris Johnson) 99.6 4,842
30. @realrobbrydon (Rob Brydon) 99.6 5,611
31. @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) 99.6 5,791
32. @alancarr (Alan Carr) 99.6 5,791
33. @timminchin (Tim Minchin) 99.5 6,187
34. @yokoono (Yoko Ono) 99.5 6,187
35. @jimmycarr (Jimmy Carr) 99.5 6,380
36. @jamie_oliver (Jamie Oliver) 99.5 6,605
37. @elijahwood (Elijah Wood) 99.5 7,253
38. @michael_phelps (Michael Phelps) 99.4 7,961
39. @realdmitchell (David Mitchell) 99.3 8,821
40. @lukewilson (Luke Wilson) 99.2 10,267
41. @toadmeister (Toby Young) 99.2 10,272
42. @thatkevinsmith (Kevin Smith) 99.2 10,485
43. @rootsmanuva (Roots Manuva) 99.1 11,556
44. @elimanning (Eli Manning) 99.1 11,803
45. @reginaspektor (Regina Spektor) 99 13,017
46. @mrxtothaz (Xzibit) 99 13,017
47. @mischabarton (Mischa Barton) 99 13,714
48. @jamiecullum (Jamie Cullum) 98.7 16,838
49. @rachel_bilson (Rachel Bilson) 98.4 20,621
50. @george_lucas (now deleted)

Check out the full post here.

21st century fanclubs

787059_crowdInteresting post on the changing role of the publicist by Ben Ayers at ITV. As celebrities and public figures continue to embrace new apps such as Twitter to engage directly with their fanbase, what does the future hold for publicists?

Publicists still need to have one toe in the old media pond, providing stories and stoking up excitement around a show for the traditional media outlets but to stay on top of their game the other must be fully submerged in the swirling new media waters.

On the downside, I think the future will bring a whole new level of public slip-ups too which given the highly visible nature of tools such as Twitter will require a large amount of firefighting.¬† Let’s hope that this era of open communication that is a fan’s dream doesn’t become a publicist’s nightmare.

will twitter kill our obsession with celebrity?

I had a thought last night…….will Twitter will be the tool that breaks the last decade’s obsession with celebrity gossip?

Like so many obsessions, that of following celebrities’ every supposed move in the press, visiting gossip sites and pouring over papped photos is often fuelled by a desire to feel part of that world.

So if today I can follow @celebrity and hear where they are going tonight/what they are wearing to the Oscars/who is the next guest on their show from the horse’s mouth, why do I need to scour the Internet for rumours?¬† And surely Twitter provides the ultimate fan experience? True two-way conversation…..can that ever live up to expectations?

Moving on a¬† step will the smart celebs post pics themselves using services like Twitpic, thus rendering the papped shots in the next morning’s paper or celebrity website out of date and with less narrative?

Wouldn’t a Twitpic of Sarah Harding hammered outside a club posted on Cheryl Cole’s Twitter account spread far and wide and kill the need for papped shots showing the same? {this is an example – as far as I know they don’t have Twitter accounts…yet}

We’ve been due a backlash on the celebrity obsession trend for a while now, will this be it?


Stephen Fry is now following you on twitter (aka things you think you’ll never read #47)

Forget the corporate uses, why aren’t more celebs on Twitter? Perfect way to strengthen/increase your fanbase and a fab forum for “personalised dialogue minus stalking” surely?

Looking forward to following Stephen Fry as I am a huge fan.¬† Hope he doesn’t get too overwhelmed with the service although judging by the number of followers he has, it is going to be tough not to.