interested in motivators…

I love seeing what motivates people to start or participate in a “cause” and social media makes it so much easier to see what people care about both in and outside of work.  Our director of digital at the agency where I work – Ged Carroll – last night was outraged by the news that Technics will be stopping production of its iconic 1200 and 1210 turntables next year.  Unlike me who immediately thought of my boxed pair of decks sitting in my brother in law’s garage and saw pound signs in front of my eyes….Ged’s passion for the DJ scene over the years (or is it decades Ged?;-) ) has led him to set up a facebook action group to “Stop Technics Killing an Icon”.

SO if you have even a faintly positive memory of the club scene gone by…or ever loved watching the AMAZING Technics DJ championships…see below…..please lend your support.

just a blip?

I stumbled across the latest site to be obsessed with this weekend via a number of Twitter feeds…

At first I just groaned, seriously questioning whether I have time for anything else digital but over the course of yesterday, I blipped a few tracks and started following a few familiar faces and it is definitely growing on me.

So what is it? In short, it is like the secret love-child of Twitter and…

A music sharing site where you post short messages (like tweets…but called blips) with a track attached. The timeline builds up a story accompanied by music documenting your friends’ day. You play the timeline and have music on all day selected by your friends.

You can upload your tunes and give people cred (called props) based on what you think to their tunes.

You can also link it last fm but I don’t know how so check their FAQ for that.

Oh and you can send your blips to other soc networks like Twitter etc too…which frankly I find annoying but hey, just my opinion!

Anyway, blip me here and decide what you think.